This is a flash report of accepted papers. Congratulations!
Tentative timetable is now available. Session assignment will be announced afterwards.


  • Barbara Sierman and Kees Waterman. How the Dutch prepared for certification
  • Katherine Thornton, Euan Cochrane, Thomas Ledoux, Bertrand Caron and Carl Wilson. Modeling the Domain of Digital Preservation in Wikidata
  • Helen Hockx-Yu. Superb Stewardship of Digital Assets – Developing a strategy for Digital Archiving and Preservation at the University of Notre Dame
  • Eld Zierau. OAIS and Distributed Digital Preservation in Practice
  • Marco Klindt. PDF/A considered harmful for digital preservation
  • Roberto Di Cosmo and Stefano Zacchiroli. Software Heritage: Why and How to Preserve Software Source Code
  • Bertrand Caron, Jordan de La Houssaye, Thomas Ledoux and Stéphane Reecht. Life and Death of an Information Package: Implementing the Lifecycle in a Multipurpose Preservation System
  • Zahra Tarkhani, Geoffrey Brown and Steven Myers. Trustworthy and Portable Emulation Platform for Digital Preservation
  • Chunqiu Li and Shigeo Sugimoto. Metadata-Driven Approach for Keeping Interpretability of Digital Objects through Formal Provenance Description
  • Michelle Lindlar, Yvonne Tunnat and Carl Wilson. A Test-Set for Well-Formedness Validation in JHOVE – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Angela Dappert and Adam Farquhar. Permanence of the Scholarly Record: Persistent Identification and Digital Preservation – A Roadmap
  • Florent Aziosmanoff, Chu-Yin Chen, Louise Fauduet, Nola N’Diaye, Adèle Sicre and Céline Thomas. Digital art posterity: building a data model for digital art corpora
  • Denise de Vries, Dirk Von Suchodoletz and Willibald Meyer. A Case Study on Retrieval of Data from 8 inch Disks – Of the Importance of Hardware Repositories for Digital Preservation


  • Dena Strong. Phantoms of the Digital Opera: The need for long term preservation of born-digital actors and multimedia objects using methods that permit ongoing new creations
  • David Wilcox. Always on the Move: Transient Software and Data Migrations
  • Natsuko Yoshiga and Shin-Ichi Tadaki. Semi-automated Generation of Linked Data from Unstructured Bibliographic Data for Japanese Historical Rare Books
  • Sarah Mason and Edith Halvarsson. Designing and implementing a digital preservation skills survey: Findings from the Bodleian Libraries’ institutional repository
  • Lauren Work and Heidi Kelly. Documentation to the People: Building Empathy into Digital Archiving Documentation
  • Claudia Engelhardt, Harry Enke, Jochen Klar, Jens Ludwig and Heike Neuroth. Research Data Management Organiser. A tool to support the planning, implementation and organisation of research data management
  • Rebecca McGuinness, Carl Wilson, Duff Johnson and Boris Doubrov. veraPDF: open source PDF/A validation through pragmatic partnership
  • Josh Schneider, Peter Chan, Glynn Edwards and Sudheendra Hangal. ePADD: Computational analysis software enabling screening, browsing, and access for email collections
  • Jaime Mears, Abigail Potter and Kate Zwaard. Collections as Data: Preservation to Access to Use to Impact
  • Euan Cochrane, Jonathan Tilbury and Oleg Stobbe. Adding Emulation Functionality to Existing Digital Preservation Infrastructure
  • Nick Krabbenhoeft. BagIt Fixer-Upper
  • Christopher Lee and Kam Woods. Diverse Digital Collections Meet Diverse Uses: Applying Natural Language Processing to Born-Digital Primary Sources
  • Remco van Veenendaal, Marcel Ras and Marie Claire Dangerfield. Getting Persistent Identifiers Implemented By ‘Cutting In The Middle-Man’
  • Joost van der Nat and Marcel Ras. Constructing a network of nationwide facilities for digital preservation together
  • Nathan Hall and Michael Boock. Environmental Scan of Distributed Digital Preservation Services: A Collective Case Study
  • Jin Ha Lee, Stephen Keating and Travis Windleharth. Challenges in Preserving Augmented Reality Games: A Case Study of Ingress and Pokémon GO
  • Kuisma Lehtonen, Pauliina Somerkoski, Juha Törnroos, Mikko Vatanen and Kimmo Koivunen. Modular Pre-Ingest Tool for Diverse Needs of Producers


  • Adam Jansen. Preservation as a Service for Trust: An InterPARES Trust Specification
  • Kathrine Hougaard Edsen Johansen and Mads Neuhard. How collaboration and sharing has made OAIS compliant archiving at (very) small archives possible
  • Sarah Mason and Lee Pretlove. Digital preservation skills assessment toolkit: a collaborative development
  • Hideo Nojima, Shoji Kasahara and Kotaro Minato. Promotion of InfoEver SIG (Special Interest Group), the Research Group Seeking to Establish a Grand Design for Long-Term Preservation of Digital Information in the Super Smart Society
  • Alicia Esquivel. Performing a Content Analysis of Biodiversity Literature
  • Josh Schneider. A Demonstration of ePADD: Computational Analysis Software Facilitating Screening, Browsing, and Access for Historically and Culturally Valuable Email Collections
  • Eriko Amano and Yasuyuki Minamiyama. Reviving research data created in the past by utilizing institutional repositories
  • Élodie Bertrand, Louise Fauduet and Jean-Philippe Humblot. 15,000 video games in the library: challenges in the dissemination of interactive digital objects
  • Natalie Pang and Joshua Ng. Preserving social media as cultural knowledge
  • Lozana Rossenova. Presentation and Contextualisation in the online archive of internet art
  • Christopher Lee and Kam Woods. BitCurator NLP Demo: Applying Natural Language Processing to Processing and Accessing Digital Collections
  • James Mooney and David Gerrard. Expect Problems – Highlighting areas of concern in repository systems for preserving digital content
  • Jaye Weatherburn. Tales from the Trenches: Year One of Implementing a Digital Preservation Strategy


Somaya Langley, Anthea Seles, Andrea Byrne, Dinesh Katre, Jones Lukose and Bertrand Caron. Operational Pragmatism in Digital Preservation: establishing context-aware minimum viable baselines



  • Josh Schneider. Using ePADD to Appraise, Process, and Provide Access to Historically and Culturally Valuable Email Collections
  • Andrea Goethals, Nancy McGovern, Jane Mandelbaum, Sibyl Schaefer, Gail Truman Technologies and Eld Zierau. Digital Preservation Storage Workshop: Exploring Preservation Storage Criteria and Distributed Digital Preservation
  • Jefferson Bailey and Maria Praetzellis. Working with WARCs: New Tools for Harvesting, Accessing, and Researching Web Archives
  • Pierre-Yves Burgi, Eliane Blumer, Aude Dieudé and Ana Sesartić. Innovative approach for project viability: from a diversity of business models to harmonized and scalable national services
  • Joost van der Nat and Marcel Ras. Constructing a network of nationwide facilities for digital preservation together
  • Unmil Karadkar, Pat Galloway and King Davis. Preserving and Providing Access to Privacy-sensitive Collections